Woo to Alpaca Integration


WooCommerce is integrated with AlpacaRMS. The sync will transfer sales documents and inventory counts between the two programs. This doc will explain the process, what is needed, and what to expect with the integration.

Woo Orders

Alpaca Orders

Note the -WS suffix signifying orders imported from Woo into AlpacaRMS


  • Tax Codes – Tax Codes from Alpaca need to be entered into Woo as Tax Names
    • Alpaca Tax Code
    • Woo Tax Name
  • Coupon Codes – Any Coupon Code used in Woo need to be built in Alpaca also
    • Alpaca Coupon Code – coupons are listed under the Items menu, and must be enabled first in Office > Configuration > General tab: Enable Coupons. The Alpaca Coupon Code must match the Woo Coupon Name.
    • Woo Coupon Code – in the main WordPress index, go to Marketing then Coupons and build a matching Code:
  • Upon initial connection, you will choose to import all previously created records (not recommended if a large amount of records), only records after a certain date, or current date only (no past records will be imported from Woo).
  • Choose what Status of Woo orders to send to Alpaca. A lot of this is dependent on whether you fulfill orders from Woo, or if you will fulfill via Alpaca. Some clients use WordPress/WooCommerce plug-ins for shipping fulfillment such as ShipStation. Some may use Alpaca to create Work Orders from an Invoice.
    • Processing –
      • By default (unchecked in Alpaca Woo Status settings, this will keep the order in Woo until fulfilled (marked Completed either in Woo or a 3rd Party ship software). When marked as Completed in Woo, it will send the order to Alpaca as a Sales Receipt, and adjust inventory accordingly.
      • If the status is selected in Alpaca Woo Status settings, the order will transfer to Alpaca as an Invoice to be fulfilled in Alpaca thru the invoice or an associated Work Order.
    • On Hold – this order will stay in Woo unless the order status changes. There is a problem with order, most likely the payment was declined. Fix the payment to continue the fulfillment of the order, or mark it as Cancelled in Woo Orders.
    • Completed – By default, these orders will transfer to Alpaca as a Sales Receipt.
    • Cancelled – these Woo orders will not transfer to Alpaca.
  • Sales Receipts and Invoices generated from Woo sales will have a suffix of -WS (web sales) appended to the sale_id, ie – 3045-WS.
  • If a Woo order is missing from Alpaca, you can resend it by changing the status from Completed to On Hold and back to Completed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Items in Woo do not import to AlpacaRMS. Think of AlpacaRMS as the Brain and the items are controlled by it, and need to be initially pushed from AlpacaRMS to Woo.

Sending Items to Woo

Syncing Items and Quantities

Sending Orders to AlpacaRMS

Accepting Orders from AlpacaRMS

Viewing Woo Sales in AlpacaRMS

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