Timecards on AlpacaRMS


Timecards can be enabled from Office > General Config
You will want to check the Enable Time Tracking box and choose the type of tracking – manual or upon login/logout.

Manual time-tracking means that your employees are responsible to remember to clock-in and clock-out. Otherwise, using the login/logout method will prompt them to also clock-in and out.

You will need to build your employees and select Timecard on their records:

On the login tab, create a username (usually a firstname, last name or firstname,last initial).  Choose TimeCard Only role. This will be for employees that will use the AlpacaRMS system for timecard access only, not for sales.

It is recommended that you login as a register (you have two), create a Reg1 and a Reg2 login (cashier role) to be used at each register (unless each employee works an entire full day shift).  But it really comes down to your view on drawer integrity.  If this is a major concern, have one cashier run each register – do not allow cashier overlap on the same device.

If you do create the Reg1 and Reg2 logins, then your employees just need to click Timecard to get to the timecard list, select themselves and Clock-in/Clock-out.  Then you can run a timecard report weekly to get their hours for payroll.

Here’s an example from another client with timecards:

Here is how to access the report:

The actual report data:

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