Sell Bitcoin Vouchers from AlpacaRMS via Integration


The AlpacaRMS system allows you, the store owner, to sell Bitcoin vouchers (Bitcoin on-chain and Lightning off-chain) directly from the point of sale without the need of a standalone hardware device or printer. AlpacaRMS prints the voucher directly on the system receipt printer, scanned at the register, or emailed to your family cross-borders. Your customers will appreciate that your store sells non-kyc Bitcoin vouchers to be redeemed at their choosing and sent to their wallet of choice. As the store owner, you provide Bitcoin to your clients and sell it with a commission mark-up.

Take a look at this video on the entire process of setup and selling Azteco Bitcoin vouchers.

To sell Azetco vouchers, you must become a vendor. Apply here: and request an API key to be used in AlpacaRMS. They will supply a code to you that you will then add to the environment variables in the Admin menu. They will also supply you with a bitcoin address that you can send Bitcoin to fund your account (you can also send $$$, see their website for info). Azteco converts Bitcoin to stable currency and it becomes your active balance that you can view in the Voucher page.

To sell, go to the sales page and pick Bitcoin Voucher or Bitcoin Lightning Voucher depending on your customers preference. Edit the amount, take cash for payment, print a receipt, click the View Voucher button and View, Print or Email the voucher.

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