Processing Returns and Voids


There are several things to think about when processing Returns and Voids. Is a receipt presented? How did the customer pay? Is it within your return period? Are you processing an exchange?

You can run an exchange on the same Return transaction – just add new items to the Return sales screen. Alpaca will do the math for you.

A Receipt is required for Credit Card returns!

Regardless if a receipt is present or not, in order to process a credit card refund, you must find the receipt in the system. This is a payment card industry requirement, and is referred to as Free Range Receipts. Hopefully the customer has the receipt or your business requires a receipt for a refund. If no receipt, you can only provide credit as a gift card or gift certificate. If using Blockchyp processing, you have a Gift Card service included in the processing service (you just need to order Blockchyp Gift Cards). A note on Gift Card refunds is at the bottom of this document.

Receipt Not Present

Open the Sales screen and change the Register Mode to a Return.

Add the products to the Sales screen. Note the products show with a negative quantity.

Process the return by pressing the payment method (credit card will not work without a receipt). If you provide Store Credit, you will want to select a customer name.

Complete the sale and print a receipt.

Receipt Present Return

Change the Register Mode to Return and type in the receipt number including the prefix POS (not case sensitive) and select the receipt:

Change the quantity of the return or remove items from the receipt as needed. You can also do an exchange here and add items to the return screen. Keep in mind that the return quantity must be a negative number and the price is a positive number.

Click the payment method to process the refund. If credit card, the card must be present unless you have saved card tokens via your card processor.

Credit Card Voids and Refund

In the event you have to process a Void or a Refund for a credit card due to a duplicate charge, mistaken use, or similar reason, you can bring up the receipt and click Refund or Void.
Void – can only occur on the same day prior to the card processor batch closing.
Refund – can only occur after a card processor batch closing.
AlpacaRMS will only allow you to process one or the other based on card processor rules.
Go to Daily Sales and find the receipt to void/refund the card payment and click the associated $ symbol to the far right to open the receipt.

Click the Void/Refund button on the receipt.

And select either Void (same day of sale) or Refund (after day of sale):

If you attempt to Refund on the same day, it will not allow you.

Accept the confirmation to Void/Refund:

The Void is successful:

Daily Sales will show the transaction as Voided/Refunded.

Blockchyp Gift Card Refunds

The interesting thing about Blockchyp Gift Cards is that they are processed through the credit card system as a payment. You sell and activate a card. You add value to the card. Then you take payment from the card by pressing the Credit Card button and swiping the card to deduct the value (or add value to it). More can be seen on Blockchyp Gift Cards here…

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