Paying for Multiple Invoices and Payment Receipts


AlpacaRMS now has a function to select multiple invoices and pay by Card on File (COF), Manual Credit Card, and Check. Once paid, a payment receipt is generated and can be sent to the client. Here is how it works.

You can pay multiple invoices by selected customer in both the Invoices list and the selected customer Customer Invoice screen.

From the Invoices list, select the Company/Customer drop-down selector and choose your customer.

Select the invoices to pay via the checkbox or select all with the top checkbox. Notice the running total as you select invoices to pay.

Click the button ‘Process Payment With’ and select the type of payment (COF, Manual Credit, or Check) and fill in any requested prompts and click the green button ‘Process Payment’.

Click the payment confirmation:

The Payment Receipt will appear and allow you to send the receipt via email.

You can add a message or change the email to send.

The customer will receive the email with the receipt as an attachment.

You can also view the receipt in Daily Sales (below) or in the Customer > Customer Receipts view (further down):

Daily Sales:
Note the payment receipts have a -PR suffix to the ID#. Click the $ to the far right to open the receipt.

Customer Receipts:

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