March 26, 2024 AlpacaRMS Product Update


March 24, 2024 – 84 updates and features have been included since the last update on January 29, 2024.  You can see all of these updates and more on our Support site at

Updates List:

  • Major Feature – Recurring Subscription Billing with Bitcoin, Credit Cards and PayPal as payment options
  • Bulk Item Edit – Added Tax Category selection
  • Integrated Blockchyp Credit Cards – competitive rates, great customer service, includes Gift Cards processing (TBA)
  • Various popup messages edited for clarity
  • Fixed bug where split credit card payments deducted quantities for each credit card transaction on same receipt
  • Changed error page from obnoxious purple to a cleaner white background
  • Fixed item search to show just one item instead of double listing based on different attributes
  • Reports fix – matched Daily Sales and Payment Detail reports for summary data
  • Allowed text copy on Alpaca pages for copy/paste functions
  • Fixed alignment of customer data in Sales Receipt
  • Removed redundant Send receipt for Email receipt
  • Added function to modify line item total and adjust each price accordingly
  • Fixed search in Daily Sales for receipts
  • Fixed Sales Tax Summary report to show all Tax Categories
  • Customer email Invoice shows multiple payment options of credit cards and Bitcoin
  • Cleaned up the sales item line, made qty wider, moved qty to left of price
  • Added PO# to lists of Daily Sales, and Invoices
  • Fixed Invoice Open Balances to not show Cash as a Refund (negative)
  • Add Product Type function similar to Category but allows grouping for summary data in Category report for like items from differing categories.
  • Added Receipts tab to Update Customer popup (visible in Customers list, and in Sales screen) to show Receipts, Invoices, and Work Orders easily while in a sale
  • Function fixed to capture all Bolt transactions for logging
  • Fixed Z-out where showing cash expected when no cash received
  • Customer Detail report – added links to associated receipts
  • Fixed multi card payments to show all on receipts
  • Updated graphics and streamlined colors
  • Changed width of Sales screen to increase sales, decrease touch buttons
  • Fixed I Want To menu buttons for Chrome and Edge
  • Reordered buttons in Register Mode to be consistent with each mode
  • Fixed required employee pin# issue
  • Added logs for failed sales
  • Fixed issue to show last 4 card numbers on all documents
  • Fixed issue where discarding a quote deleted it
  • Changed Gratuity button to Green
  • Fixed issue with Returns lopping back to Sales Screen
  • Added Quote configs to the Invoice configs tab in Office Configs
  • Add -RR suffix to Return Receipts after sale_id
  • Fixed credit card refunds without reference issue
  • Fixed date range of Current Year and Current Fiscal Year
  • Fixed Sales Tax Summary report to show all Tax Categories
  • Fixed Aging report  totals incorrect for partial balances
  • Fixed Invoice list Aging to be numeric instead of binary sorting

Looking forward to the next couple of months as we integrate fully with WooCommerce; enable multi-store functionality including item sync and reporting; full integration to QuickBooks Online; and publishing of the AlpacaRMS iOS app.

If you weren’t aware, there is an AlpacaRMS Android app.  You can get it at

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