January 30, 2024 AlpacaRMS Product Update


January 30, 2024 – 89 updates and features have been included since the last update in December.

Updates List:

  • Major Function Add: Drawer Count Report – Add Quantity by Denomination for the EOD Drawer Count
  • Major Function Add: Password Reset for Employees with registered Email addresses
  • Major Function Add: Remote Customer Accounts to view Invoices and pay balance due, online register for account
  • User Interface: Blended mobile and web browser views into one cohesive view
  • End of Day and Drawer Count Report Fixes:
    • Over/Short Totals Corrected
    • Custom Payments added to Sales Summary Activity
    • Card Connect refund postings corrected
    • Drawer Count added timestamp of run
    • added Net Deposit
    • Corrected double count of credit card returns as cash
    • added Invoices: Paid to Account; added Invoices: Charged to Account
    • added Void/Refund count to Z-out and Drawer Count
  • Receiving Voucher Updates:
    • Price, Cost, Total edits update all fields
    • Receiving Vouchers totals are added to Expense list
    • Various label updates to fields on views and receipts
    • Detailed Receivings, Detailed Suppliers reports added Balance Owed, Status, and corrected Type to Receive and Return
    • Added UPC, Margin% and Markup% fields
    • Add Discount and Shipping Expense to Totals
  • Quotes/Invoices/Work Orders:
    • added Payment Receipt for multi-invoice payments
    • added Closed Date when WO is Closed
    • added edit Deliver Date in WO 
    • added Send Quote ability
    • added Quotes to Customer List documents
    • added Shipping Phone # to Invoice and WO
    • added New Invoice button to Customer Invoice view
    • added Company Name to Customer Name if provided
    • fixed issue of editing items would remove a payment
  • Daily Sales/Receipts:
    • Returns: allow partial refund (fixed retref error)
    • Suspended Sales – added Amount Owed column and ability to convert suspended quote to invoice
    • Corrected summary totals at bottom of report/list
    • Tax Code shows per line item on receipts/invoices
    • Fixed issue with partial payment removing the payment
    • Summary totals to include invoice sales, and list invoice payments
    • Receipts now show linked invoices that were closed/paid
    • Payment Receipts post on day received, not on day invoice was created
    • removed Voided sales from sales summary totals
    • various alignment fixes
  • Reports:
    • Item Sales Summary: add Ext Cost and corrected summary totals
    • Categories Summary : added Product_Type to Items, and to bottom of report
    • Aging Report: added link to detail Customer Invoice list per client/customer
    • Aging Report: fixed totals of balance owed
    • Statements:
      • added ability to select invoices to pay
    • Renamed Sales Tax report and removed incorrect Tax Summary report
  • Roles:
    • Fixed allowing Manager role to delete receipts if configured
  • Credit Cards:
    • Card Connect: fixed cards processing if marked on hold
    • Added Card on File (COF) Terms ie Daily, Fridays, Monthly
    • Credit card payments show date paid in receipts
    • added Card On File (COF) symbol if in use by customer in Customer List
    • added Credit Card Void/Refund to Invoice Payment Receipt

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