IbexPay Bitcoin Payment Setup


IbexPay is a great solution for accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning payments. Their role is to generate consistently fast commercial grade QR code invoices for payment in Bitcoin and Lightning, and to sweep the funds to your bitcoin wallet, convert to cash and sweep to your bank account, or a combination of both. They charge fees for this service, but taken as a whole, is less expensive than credit card processing fees by 1 or 2% in most cases.

Register for an account at https://ibexpay.ibexmercado.com/login and click the Register button

Fill out the on-boarding form. Enter AlpacaRMS for the Referral Name.

You’ll get a confirmation email. Confirm your email account and then login to configure the settings.

Once logged in, you’ll be at the Home screen.

In Settings, you’ll set up your receiving addresses for Bitcoin on-chain, Bitcoin Lightning, and Bank Account info. You can choose either option or a combination of the three. If you want Bitcoin converted to cash and then swept to a bank account, you will have to go through KYC.

Once setup, click Accounts tab. Add an Account – if you have one store, you’ll create one account; if you have multiple stores or web stores, then you’ll create one for each entity.

AlpacaRMS needs two codes from your IbexPay account:
1) the BPT URL
2) the Refresh Token

To get the BPT URL, click BPT, and add a BPT. Assign it to the account you just created. Select your local currency.

Once saved, click the Open link.

It will pop open a new tab with a virtual Bitcoin Payment Terminal.

Click and copy the address in the address bar of the browser. You will be sending this to support@alpacarms.com (along with the Refresh Token below) to be added to your AlpacaRMS instance for IbexPay to successfully process your Bitcoin payments.

Next, we need to get the Refresh Token. Click Integrations and go down to Developer Token, copy the token.

Send both the BPT URL, and the Refresh Token in email to support@alpacarms.com.

That’s it. We will configure your instance. When a payment is made, you can now see the sales in AlpacaRMS and in IbexPay’s Home page.
Funds get transferred from IbexPay generally in 24 hours.

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