ePay Invoices on Alpaca RMS


We now offer two card processors for ePay Invoicing: CardConnect and PayPal.
Blockchyp will be added soon!

One of the powerful functions of Alpaca RMS is the ability to send out invoices with ePay links that can be paid with credit cards, ACH, or Bitcoin. CardConnect offers credit cards and ACH payment. PayPal is credit card only. Blockchyp offers credit cards and ACH payment. Alpaca RMS offers various Bitcoin processors to accept payments (which saves you a bundle on transaction fees compared to credit card processing).

ePay Invoices have to be enabled from the Office Config > Setup & Config > Invoices tab.

Support will assist with getting your credentials inserted for the selected processor for the environment variables.

In the Invoices tab, select your processor. Then edit the Invoice Email Template.
Use the available variables including the brackets { }. Our example above is a pretty good template to follow. Use basic html to align your message.
Some tips:
<P> this inserts a carriage return with a line space.
<BR> this inserts a carriage return with no additional line space.
{CU} – this is your customers name
{POPUP_MEMO} – when sending via email, the popup for email address has a small memo text area that can be inserted into the email to the client.
{PAYMENT_LINK} – this generated the encrypted payment link that the customer will click to pay.

The email arrives with the invoice attached and a clickable link to pay.

The customer will click the invoice link and be presented with the invoice with a balance due and a way to pay by credit card, ACH or Bitcoin.

Upon successful payment, the invoice will be marked Paid in Full upon subsequent clicks on the invoice link.

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