Drawer Count Report


Running a Drawer Count Report is the way to account for money movement and sales per register or cashier. As a cashier, you count the drawer and attach that to the sales report for your cash drawer.

Start at the Drawer Count Report list and click the Drawer Count button to the right.

The Drawer Count popup appears. By default, the cashier running the report is chosen, but you will want to change this if you run a Register all day regardless of cashier. The Open and Close date will default for today (change as needed). Your Open Cash amount will carryover from the previous day. The Expected amount is the amount of cash the system believes you should have in the drawer. Count will hold the amounts of cash you enter. Net Total is Count less the Open Cash amount. Add a Note if needed. For Count, you can either count the drawer manually and enter the number here, or you can press the hamburger line button and enter quantities of the denominations and have the system total it for you.

The Media Count is the quantity of each denomination:

And updates the Drawer Count accordingly with an Over/Short/Balanced message for the Net Total.

Submit the amount and the Drawer Count list reloads with the data saved. Click EOD to run the associated sales report.

Review the Report detail:

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