CRM – Customer Relationship Manager


AlpacaRMS is building CRM functionality within the management software to better allow you to manage and update your interactions with your leads, customers, accounts, suppliers, etc…

The first function available for CRM is the ability to have leads, provide quotes, and then convert those leads to customer by converting the quote to an invoice, and then to a sale.

The CRM function is enabled in the Office Configuration > Configs > CRM tab.
All CRM functions will be enabled here.

Customer CRM Type – this determines if the customer record is a Lead, or a Customer. By default, all records are Customers, unless specifically changed or imported as a Lead.

Once Customer CRM Type is enabled, the Customer list will add a CRM Type filter:

You can then filter for Leads or Customers.

To change a customer record from Lead to Customer or vice versa, edit the customer record and scroll down and change the CRM Type and submit.

AlpacaRMS has a function where you can add a Lead to a Quote, and if the Quote is accepted, you can convert the Quote to an Invoice, and the system will update the Lead to a Customer allowing you to do any standard customer function with the updated Customer record (invoicing, billing, payment storage, etc…). Click Quote to save the Quote.

If you try to create a Sale with a Lead, the system will warn you with a message to create a Quote, or convert the Lead to a Customer…

Once the Quote is created, you can convert it to an Invoice once the customer accepts it.

You will now have an Open Invoice, and the Lead is now a Customer.

The Lead is now a Customer:

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