Credit Cards (Merchant Processing) Options in AlpacaRMS


We connect with two companies, Blockchyp and CloverConnect, for credit card processing (also known as Merchant Processing). Both companies offer consistent processing. Pricing is dependent of several variables. It is recommended to contact each provider to get a rate quote.

Blockchyp Payments and Gift Cards

Blockchyp is a fantastic processing company that we recommend due to competitive pricing of their services, as well as integrated Gift Cards in the same card swipe device.
Fill out this form to get Blockchyp Services in AlpacaRMS:

CloverConnect (formerly Bolt CardConnect via Cardpointe)

Apply for merchant services with CloverConnect at:


Not Available Currently:
Verifone via Media Group Payments

Apply for merchant services with Verifone/Media Payments Group at:
Verifone Request for Application

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