Card on File Credit Card Payment and Configurations


Card on File (COF) is the AlpacaRMS function of storing credit cards to customer accounts in order to make payments on sales receipts and invoices. The storage of credit cards is by way of a function called tokenization. The credit card number information is never handled by AlpacaRMS directly but is stored and tokenized by the credit card processor directly. The token (a representation of the credit card) is stored and used as requested by the customer. This process is called Card on File or COF.

Card on File is available with all of our integrated credit card processors. It must be enabled in the Office Config > Payments tab, as well as registering the encryption credentials in the back-end of AlpacaRMS with the assistance of AlpacaRMS support.

The view below shows the Customer selected in the sales screen with Card On File showing COF Terms (Fridays) and a checkmark signaling that a payment method is saved. This button can be clicked and the registered payments methods will show. COF can hold both credit cards and bitcoin addresses as a toggle choice.

COF Terms allows you to add customizable terms for when COF is used against a customer invoice. You may have customers that want the COF run on Fridays, or Daily, or the End of the Month – whatever you choose, you may add to the COF Terms configuration in Office Config > Config > COF Terms:

The COF Terms are then chosen in the Customer record:

To edit a COF to add a new credit card, click the Customer record and click the payments tab:

Click Add Card to add a new card to the COF record. It will overwrite any existing COF.

When the card is added, a pre-authorization will occur for $0.01 and will drop off in 24-48 hours.

To use the Card on File, you can use it in the sales screen or in the Invoice list or Customer Invoice list:
From the sales screen:

From the Invoice or Customer Invoice list:
Select the customer, and then select the invoices to be paid, then select COF and click Process Payment:

A payment receipt is created showing the invoices paid with the COF method.

COF is referenced in several areas for quick review if a customer has a COF.
The Customer list:

The Customer Invoice list:

as well as the previously mentioned selected Customer in the sales screen.

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