BTCRetailX is now Alpaca RMS


August 17, 2023 – BTCRetailX is now Alpaca RMS.  A new name for a new look with the v2 release of the point of sale system.

Don’t worry, the same BTCRetailX functions are still available.  And you may see references to btcretailx in some nooks and crannies of the software, but these will be updated over time without a loss of functionality, nor interfere with you running your store.

Why the name change?
BTCRetailX was just not a good name, so we asked a lot of people for suggestions and ended up taking the name of a soft, fluffy, hardworking pack animal – the Alpaca.

RMS = Retail Management System, a system that is much more in-depth and feature rich than a point of sale.  A point of sale just does not do this software justice.

Join them together and we have the hardworking and feature rich Alpaca RMS.

Your software is updated automatically with new labeling as well as features. You will notice that End of Day and Z-Out reports now have alternating shaded lines for ease of looking at the data.  These are features you asked for – we listened, and delivered!



Alpaca RMS

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