April 27, 2024 AlpacaRMS Updates


Another month of incredible updates and suggestions by our clients. I hope you get a lot of value out of the tools we implement for your benefit! 60 updates this month.

Updates List:

Major Enhancement – Enabled Blockchyp gift cards for multi-store use

Major Enhancement – Receivings can be Suspended, Unsuspended and Voided now. This allows you to save your work and come back to finish later.

  • View Cost of items in Sales Register is role specific now
  • Various visual enhancements and color continuity throughout
  • Line item total includes tax now
  • The original receipt of a returned item will be marked RETURNED
  • The new return receipt of a returned item will be marked RETURN
  • Date Range Filters Current Year and Current Fiscal Year were fixed
  • Sales Tax Report fix to show nonDefault Tax Codes
  • Aging Report fix for Total balances when partial balances owed
  • Invoices Report fix for numeric order by sequential instead of binary
  • EOD Report fix for over/short field counting credit cards, removed
  • Daily Sales list show a + symbol to allow viewing of items on each receipt quickly
  • Sales Receipt – added a Return button
  • Unsuspended sales fix to make date to the day of the unsuspend instead of create date
  • Tax for customer in Sales used billing address instead of shipping address, switched for nexus
  • Tax Summary report added hotlink list of receipts per Tax Code
  • Daily Sales Report now opens clicked reports in a new tab
  • Item Note added to invoice and receipts (was just viewing in Sales screen)
  • Added last4 credit card digits on sales receipts
  • Add WO Status column to Invoices list
  • Aging Report fix for parsing invoices by time periods
  • Popup Payment screen fix to keep current view when paying gratuity
  • Fix php errors sending Invoices by email
  • Sales Receipts fix adding carriage return in some needed locations
  • Added logic to send open balance emails or closed/paid email based on status
  • Sales Tax Summary report fix removed duplicate entries
  • Autologout fix where cashiers were logged out randomly through day
  • Sales Tax fix where fractional percentages were not calculating in some jurisdictions
  • Sales Tax Summary added Tax Category as a subview of Tax Code
  • CardConnect COF fix of database issue
  • Inventory Summary Report added a date filter
  • Added running total of inventory in the Item count tab when sold and received
  • Timecard time edit fix to allow backdating a time entry
  • Added ‘Sell Gift Card’ and ‘See GC Balance’ to I Want To menu if Blockchyp GC enabled
  • Added enhanced wild card search in Item search bar to search for multiple partial words
  • Match the functions of Print and Ctrl-P to produce the same receipt view
  • Added Print Gift Receipt to each sales receipt view
  • Sales Tax Summary report fixed to remove void/returns sales from totals due

See you next month with another list of functions, fixes, and things you request!

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