Android Onscreen Keyboard


The Android tabletop device we use is configured with an on-screen keyboard. Sometimes a user may accidentally disable this or turn it off, and then the popup keyboard is no longer available.
To enable this, you need to set the keyboard to GBOARD (an app we install, so please don’t delete it if you are doing some app housekeeping).

You can do this in one of two places.
From Settings, click System, then ‘Languages & Input’, then click Manage OnScreen Keyboards, and make sure both choices of Android Keyboard, and Gboard are enabled.

Or you can enable it from the main screen itself. Bring up Alpaca, and click into the login box. Since the keyboard is not popping up, you should see a tiny keyboard icon in the bottom of the right side of the screen. Click it.

Then click Gboard. It will accept the change. Offclick anywhere on the screen to return to the login page. Then try again to login, and the keyboard popup should now appear.

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