AlpacaRMS September 2023 Updates for your Point Of Sale


September 20, 2023 – 106 updates and features have been included since the last update in August.

Updates List:

  • Timecard Updates include a Timecard Only role, and Clock-In/Out functions updated for allowing clock-in/out in AsstMgr role for all employees.
  • Invoices list show Status
  • Signature request for CardConenct is now optional (not required any longer)
  • Zipcode request is removed from CardConnect card-present transactions
  • Added titles to pages of Lists (Receipts, Invoices, Items, etc…)
  • Drawer Count filters updated
  • Added multi-device support as Registers
  • Z-out Report definitions updated for Cash Expected
  • Item List updates after item detail updated
  • Hide Cost from roles not entitled to view
  • Coupons enabled to be used on multiple items
  • Open Cash Drawer from I Want To menu
  • See Last Receipt (to print) from I Want To menu
  • Auto print receipt – just click Enter after print confirm pops up
  • Tax Summary report for sales tax, updated 
  • Invoices link to their respective Work Orders
  • Spanish icon and language updates
  • LOTS of minor fixes and updates

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