AlpacaRMS October 2023 Updates for your Point Of Sale


October 12, 2023 – 48 updates and features have been included since the last update in September.

Updates List:

  • Major Function Add: Accounts Receivable management
  • Major Function Add: embedded payment links in Invoices
  • Multi-invoice payment processing from Customer Invoice page
  • Sales Tax Categories by Customer (tax by location nexus)
  • Sell below cost enabled
  • Payment Summary Report grouped by day
  • Time Tracking Detail Report
  • Fixed Tax Summary report
  • Item List has Supplier filter added
  • Time Card list matches Time Tracking report
  • Receiving voucher can scan UPC codes
  • many user interface usability changes
  • Card On File can pay multiple invoices in Customer Invoices
  • Job Type drop-down added to the sales screen
  • Customer balance in Sales Screen matches the Customer Invoices open balance
  • Allow 20 characters for PO# (no minimum)
  • invoice/workorder realignment of addresses and document information
  • Shipping phone # added to Invoice/WorkOrder
  • Invoices now require manual close (not auto close)
  • Added titles to various screen like Daily Sales
  • Card on File (COF) now shows in Sales Screen at Customer record if customer has a COF for payments
  • Added Company Name to Sales, Invoices, Work Orders

Alpaca is growing and we are getting the system installed in a variety of industries including bars, olive oil stores, home lighting stores, museums, corporate employee stores, museums, and gift stores.
Many of you came through the QuickBooks Point of Sale end-of-life transition.  That was a big change for everyone.  You, the store owner got left in the lurch by having to transition with a six month notice which flew by.  We had to adjust our rollout to get our long-term and loyal customers on-boarded, AND we had to get some features put in place to make this work. 

You have been extremely patient with us and I appreciate your valuable insight on your experience with the program.  I look forward to growing this programs capabilities with you.  I already know it is better than many similar products out there.  But we are nowhere near being a finished product.  We are constantly improving the software with enhancements, and fixing issues that you submit.  

Regarding QuickBooks Online, we have decided on a change in regards to the QuickBooks Online integration.  At this point we will do all Accounts Receivable functions within Alpaca, and let QBO manage your Payables and your finances.  It makes much more sense to use the internal Alpaca Invoice management system to bill and collect payments on invoices.  No sync is needed, and we can embed invoices with payment links that updates the Alpaca invoice as soon as it is paid by your customer, seamlessly without having to sync anything. QBO will receive summary data for the invoices for outstanding balances, paid balances, and inventory movement.

On the Bitcoin front, more and more customers want to pay with Bitcoin. You may not see it yet, but the usage is out there.  The Bitcoin payment network grew by 1200% in 2 years!  Think of Bitcoin as a payment method just like Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, or Square.  It’s an instant payment mechanism that you can then have those funds converted to cash and swept to your bank just like every other payment method AND it only costs you 1/2% for the conversion.  Your credit cards are charging you somewhere between 2.5% and 3.5%.  That’s a pretty significant savings.  Another benefit – no charge-backs on Bitcoin transactions – EVER, and instant settlement (you might get paid by the credit card processor in 24-48 hours but the funds aren’t legally settled for 90+ days due to the charge-back window). And lastly, the Bitcoin community wants to spend their money with you, and we have several free marketing tools available to spread the word if you choose to be a Bitcoin accepting company.  This includes free training on how to accept Bitcoin as a payment, free marketing signage that you accept Bitcoin, free social media marketing that you accept Bitcoin, free promotion with various tech and Bitcoin groups.  Let me know if you are interested in exploring this new payment technology.

Have a great and prosperous month.  I look forward to sending you more updates in November.  Be on the lookout for some mail next week from us with a little reminder of how awesome our Alpaca mascot is…  🙂

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