AlpacaRMS December 2023 Updates for your Point Of Sale


December 7, 2023 – 116 updates and features have been included since the last update in October.

Updates List:

  • Major Function Add: Customer Statements with Open Invoices
  • Major Function Add: Aging Report showing open invoices and their age (Aged Receivables)
  • Major Function Add: email invoice ePay links for PayPal, and CardConnect processing
  • Major Function Add: ability to pay multiple invoices at once with COF, Manual Credit Cards, and Checks, along with Payment Receipts showing the payment via email and print
  • Fixed issue where editing an invoice after payment cleared the quantity of the items
  • Added running total of Invoices selected
  • Added UPC to item line in Sales Screen
  • Fixed price tags by showing barcode# instead of item#
  • Added Open Invoice Total to Z-out Report in Sales Summary
  • Send Invoices popup allows for alternative email and message
  • Customer List – removed running Balance Owed
  • Invoices – combined Customer and Company search filter
  • Added Send Invoices button to Customer Invoices list
  • Added Invoice ePay payment notifications to admin
  • Added PO# and Last4 card digits to printed receipts
  • Refund/Void notations in Invoice receipts
  • Added CC email to customer records
  • Added Invoice and Work Order search to find WO3, Invoice#, Customer Name, Company Name, Phone#, PO#
  • Added Balance Owed on Work Orders
  • Ability to edit Item Name in Sales screen
  • Fixes to return/exchange process
  • Enabled partial credit card returns
  • Work Order design updates
  • Card on File $0.01 pre-auth and expiration/release of pre-auth
  • Ability to list same item on Sales screen multiple times instead of default function of only listing one item and adjusting quantity as needed
  • Receiving voucher updates including UPC lookup
  • Edited ‘All Date’ filter to actually show past, present and future events
  • fixed Invoice Due Date to reflect customer Terms
  • fixed issue where deleted payments were showing in EOD and Z-out reports
  • Added Invoice Aging Column to Invoice list
  • Fixed Work Orders hiding if Invoice payment is made
  • Fixed large credit card charges issue with extra zero being added
  • Fixed Customer Balance Due on Sales screen
  • Various spelling fixes and addition of report headers and titles

On the Bitcoin front, more and more customers want to pay with Bitcoin. Several of our Bitcoin accepting businesses enjoyed the price action of their held Bitcoin that netted them 50% growth just since October.  You may not see it yet, but the usage is out there.  The Bitcoin payment network grew by 1200% in the last 2 years!  Think of Bitcoin as a payment method just like Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, or Square.  It’s an instant payment mechanism that you can then have those funds converted to cash and swept to your bank just like every other payment method AND it only costs you a 1% for the processing and conversion to cash.  Your credit cards are charging you somewhere between 2.5% and 3.5%.  That’s a pretty significant savings.  Another benefit – no charge-backs on Bitcoin transactions – EVER, and instant settlement (you might get paid by the credit card processor in 24-48 hours but the funds aren’t legally settled for 90+ days due to the charge-back window). And lastly, the Bitcoin community wants to spend their money with you, and we have several free marketing tools available to spread the word if you choose to be a Bitcoin accepting company.  This includes free training on how to accept Bitcoin as a payment, free marketing signage that you accept Bitcoin, free social media marketing that you accept Bitcoin, free promotion with various tech and Bitcoin groups.  Let me know if you are interested in exploring this new payment technology.

Have a great and prosperous holiday season.  I look forward to sending you more updates in the new year!

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