AlpacaRMS/BTCRetailX Point of Sale Hotfix Updates 1.6.22


Hi, this is a list of enhancements and fixes that were released this week on BTCRetailX.  There are several Report enhancements including Expected Cash on the Z-out Report.

  • Z-out Report Enhancement – added Expected Cash to Sales Summary Activity
  • Drawer Count Report enhancements
  • Android Desktop not printing full Z-out Report, fixed
  • Detail Reports – Payments, fixed custom payments totals
  • Created redundant backups of certain config files
  • Coupons button hidden if not enabled
  • View Work Orders from the Invoice that created it
  • Added pin# as a login choice for employees using the Android app as localhost (must still create a standard password)
  • Each Custom Payments type shows in Payments reports instead of rolled into one Custom Payments label
  • Spanish updates to language files
  • Z-out Report – added Number of Sales and Average Amount per Sale in Sales Summary Activity

We have a new Support site that is under construction.  You will soon be able to log tickets here, but it does currently have documents for training and support for you to review including:

  • how to run a drawer count report
  • how to become PCI compliant
  • a list of errors you might see on screen
  • how to import items
  • how to sell Azteco Bitcoin vouchers


Looking forward this Summer, we have some enhancements coming out including:

  • a redesign of the Android App to be better designed for smaller screens including phones and small tablets (7″)
  • Card On File functions to enable card storage to bill Invoices against or open Tabs for bars & restaurants
  • We will be fully integrated with WooCommerce

    Look for an update on new enhancements being released on a monthly basis or as updates warrant.

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