AlpacaRMS/BTCRetailX August 2023 Updates for your Point Of Sale


August 13, 2024 – 77 updates and features have been included since the last update in June.

We are excited to release version 2.0. This is a complete redesign of the user interface for both the website browser view and the Android app. Two views are available as Landscape and Portrait modes. Phones default to portrait, PC web browsers default to landscape, and Tablets auto-switch based on orientation. These views will roll-out over the next two weeks automatically for PC users. V2 is available now for Android users but you will need to download and install the new app (directions below).

Landscape View:

Portrait View:
No more scrolling from the items buttons to the cart to the payment section. Now, it switches from section to section as needed.

Updates List:

  • CardConnect Manual Card Processing
  • CardConnect Card on File Processing
  • Separate VOID and Refund Processes for Credit Cards
  • Enhanced Drawer Count Report Updates
  • Enhanced Z-out End of Day Report Updates
  • Employee Login via Pin Number or Password
  • Added Timecard Only Role
  • Added Payments Detail Report
  • Added Coupons
  • Added Item Sales Detail Report
  • Enhanced Invoice and Work Order Functions
  • Added Price Levels Assigned by Customer
  • Enhanced Azteco Voucher View and TopUp
  • LOTS of minor fixes and updates

BTCRetailX Point of Sale Hotfix Updates 2.0 RELEASED

Android App Update Process for Phones, Tablets, Mobile Handheld with Printer, and the Android Desktop

  1. From your device, find your BTCRetailX app and press and hold.  A trash can or uninstall option will appear – click uninstall or drag the btcretail icon to the trash can. Accept or click yes to uninstall.  You will not lose any data.
  2. Open the Chrome browser and go to
  3. Click and download the ‘btcretailx Android App’. Accept any permission prompts and accept or click any link to Install.
  4. Open the App.
  5. You will be at a generic screen asking to enter a store name or use the demo store.  Type in your shortcode store name.  This is usually some variation of your company name.  Check your documentation or contact support to verify.
  6. After it loads the store, login and enjoy the new version!

Looking forward this Fall, we have some enhancements coming out including:

  • we will be fully integrated with QuickBooks Online
  • we will be fully integrated with WooCommerce

Look for an update on new enhancements being released on a monthly basis or as updates warrant.

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