Accepting Gift Certificates in Alpaca RMS


Gift Certificates (the paper versions) can be enabled in the Office Config > Setup > Payment.

Enable Gift Certs with Yes, then choose a serialized # or a random code cert# generation. And select to Add Gift Certificate Item. Now you can sell and redeem gift certificates.

If you type Gift Cert in the Sales search bar, it will popup Gift Certificate, select it to sell it.  Change the amount to the amount the customers wants, sell it as normal.  On the receipt, you will get a GC# similar to F3QY-76HJ.  You can handwrite that code and the amount of the gift on the paper gift certificate and hand to the customer.

To see the code, print the receipt.

Then to redeem, ring up the items, select Gift Certificate in the payments, it will popup a GC# text box.  Enter the code from the paper gift certificate into the text box.  Click Gift Certificate payment button to finish the sale.  Note the balance remaining and notate that amount on the paper gift certificate.

This shows the gift certificate has been redeemed:

You can also run a Gift Certificate report to show current outstanding balances.

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